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Pure HTML design


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I have seen some people who are all into promoting pure HTML design. For them, pure means not using any HTML/CSS framework and skipping all those unnecessary code. They want you to do more work and doing coding the hard way.

Personally, I am never a fan of this. While it is always good to use as less code as possible, it is a waste of time and not gaining from work already done. If you see the money you will have to spend on production, that will be huge compared to what you save. The whole idea will look like the hard right developer satisfaction.

What do you prefer ? Your own HTML code or Bootstrap ?
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I don't think that there is anything wrong in using a framework. A lot of frameworks are doing really well. A lot of developers and designers are using them to make great products.

And, anything from a right wing group is not worth listening. They simply cannot accept different ideas.
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