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    Hello Members

    Hello! @jamjenny Welcome to AdminWeb! May I ask how you found us?
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    Those are really nice!!
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    Update Complete!

    The recent update only was a bug fix. Nothing too major.
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    Github sponsors

    Ohh I could definitely use this! Thanks for sharing!
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    Update Complete!

    Hello AdminWeb I just completed an update for XenForo 2.1.2, I apologize for the inconvenience. I realized I didn't post a thread that I was going to do this, so I'm sorry!
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    Theme selector

    No problem :)
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    Ubuntu store closed

    I heard the Linux platform got a huge donation from Microsoft. Is this true?
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    Looking for suggestions & feedback!

    I completely agree! I've been lacking on the posting side of things lately, but I'm here now! :)
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    Http to https redirect

    Issue has been resolved. You will now be automatically redirected to HTTPS from HTTP.
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    Theme selector

    Default style enabled :)
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    Http to https redirect

    Alright will fix this shortly!
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    Discourse or Xenforo

    Very true! Discorse is just a pain to set up, but I do like it.
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    Discourse or Xenforo

    I like Discourse but like @Jason was saying, there's a tough learning curve. But I find XenForo is built pretty well.
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    Theme selector

    The only two styles that are available are the Uniform styles and the Default Style, if you'd like to use the default style let me know and I can enable it :)
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    Coupon codes

    Yeah I use coupons for hosting too! Like Jason said it’s quite useful
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    Do you miss Google +

    I’ve used it once but it wasn’t my thing. I’m kinda glad it got canned.
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    Reset Password

    Hello I do apologize for the inconvenience. Due to XenForo and Wolflab using a different hash method for passwords we couldn’t restore everyone’s passwords therefor required everyone to reset their passwords.
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    301 redirect

    Yes it is, but should be doing it automatically. I’ll get back to you
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    301 redirect

    I don’t believe so, have you found any errors?
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    Google Stadia

    Oh damm I was hoping it would be somewhat affordable lol