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    SEO news and updates

    Google's new algorithm update comes this week. I hope it will not cause any damage to your rankings.
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    Woltlab Burning Board

    They offer public beta testing. You can use it before buying it.
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    Woltlab Burning Board

    Second set of feature list for Burning Board 5.2 is out. Stop forum spam, Best answer etc made into the list.
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    Mobile first indexing

    It is not forced on already indexed websites. But I think it will affect the ranking.
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    hi all

    hi all
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    Github sponsors

    What role you will be handling @Malcolm ? Developer or contributor ?
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    Responsive themes, how do they do it?

    It is not difficult, but you will have to read a few articles before proceeding. Take help from MyBB team if required.
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    Update Complete!

    A security patch ?
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    Looks cute. Free version offers size up to 128px.
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    SEO url vs non SEO url

  11. Trinkets

    SEO url vs non SEO url

    It helps if your URL contains some info about the content. That is my understanding.
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    I don't think so.
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    Ubuntu store closed

    Microsoft is offering Linux sub system inside Windows 10. It is based on Ubuntu.
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    Helps people who run regional non English forums.
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    Ubuntu store closed

    Not sure. I don't remember reading it.
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    Theme selector

    Thanks admin :)
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    Http to https redirect

    The same with me.
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    Ubuntu store closed

    Other than Amazon, a lot of people and organisations support Ubuntu. Mainly a set of companies which do not want to use Windows. I think even Google is a sponsor.
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    Github login

    No. It is just login authentication. You use whatever comment system your have on their board. If we have Github login here, you can post and reply to threads without any other login.
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    Discourse or Xenforo

    $55 is for annual renewal ?