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    Font Awesome

    Those with a font awesome account can now beta test the duotone icons
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    cPanel going for a price hike

    With yearly and multi-yearly plans dropped, cPanel under the new ownership is restructuring their whole pricing system These are the available packages. The talk is that a lot of hosting companies will be forced to look for free or better alternatives.
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    Drupal News and Updates

    Drupal to get a new front end default theme. Hopefully, it will be ready for Drupal 9.0. Currently, there are 3 members in the designing team namely Jen Witkowski, Putra Bonaccorsi and Mike Herchel. I checked, but there is nothing to view at the moment. I couldn't even find a repo or any...
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    BuddyPress 5.0 is expected to offer a REST API.
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    WordPress news and updates

    Gutenberg 6.0 comes with layout picker for Columns block. Read more :
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    SEO news and updates

    Search console now adapts to listings for Google's mobile-first indexing policy.
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    [Free] Official AMP for WordPress plugin

    v 1.2 now comes with support for Gutenberg powered AMP stories editor. Read more :
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    RC1 of PrestaShop is now available for testing.
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    Font Awesome

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    Font Awesome

    Colourful font awesome icons are on its way
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    Woltlab Burning Board

    v 5.2 of Woltlab suite adds Reviews facility to Filebase. Gallery gets the ability to favourite images and videos.
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    JoyPixels 5.0 comes with a lot of changes and interesting discounts
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    JoyPixels 5.0 is now available with support for Unicode 12. A free for personal use license is available with size as large as 128 px PNG. 230 new emojis come with this pack.
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    WordPress news and updates

    Don't miss the official Sitekit plugin from Google for WordPress
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    WordPress news and updates

    A proposal has been put forward with the help of Yoast and Google to include XML sitemaps into WordPress core
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    v 2.3 will be released on June 17 th.
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    MyBB news and updates

    v 1.8.21 is now available. It is a security and maintenance release.
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    SEO news and updates

    Depending on Google for traffic and ads ? You really don't want to use this type of content on your platform
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    SEO news and updates

    Official Google video on how stolen content can be harmful for your website
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    Font Awesome

    Font Awesome has introduced Font Awesome Kits which makes adding icons faster on your projects Here are more details :