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    JoyPixels 5.0 is on its way. A few weeks from now. 500 updated emojis and 230 Unicode 12.0 emoji
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    Moodle 3.7 is now available
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    Woltlab Burning Board

    Sneak peek of version 5.2 is out. Reactions, profile cover photos support is now inbuilt. Articles have been groomed up and there is First setup page where you can input basic initial values.
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    SEO url vs non SEO url

    Google has not made it compulsory. But that has become standard now.
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    New Emoji Animations by Joy Pixels. 100 animated emojis which you can use for free under personal license. No business use permitted. They even got a new website for animated emojis
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    Discourse 2.3 beta now offers full Unicode support for user names
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    Ubuntu to get a new boot screen

    Yes @Jason , it's me. I am on LTS version.
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    Package registry by Github

    Github today announced it's own package registry. Some are calling it as Microsoft's own npm. Read more :
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    Ubuntu to get a new boot screen

    Ubuntu + dots boot animation might change in 19.10 or 20.04. The Yaru team is actively discussing about new boot screen. You might get a new Plymouth screen after all.
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    Android Automotive OS

    I found this on Google developers resource
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    Android Automotive OS

    Is there enough market for apps in Automotive OS ? I am sure Google is going to promote it heavily.
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    Github login

    Do you use your Github account for logging in on other websites ? Is there a reason you do that ?
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    WordPress news and updates

    WordPress 5.2 Jaco is now available for download
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    Android Automotive OS

    Is it the same as Android Auto ?
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    Ubuntu store closed

    That is the Amazon store. This one is a different URL.
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    Ubuntu store closed

    Their source is donations. Many big corporations including Google funds Ubuntu so that they don't have to use Windows at the office. Many of them are competitors of Microsoft or afraid of backdoors in Windows.
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    Ubuntu store closed

    I heard an alternative will come soon.
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    Ubuntu store closed

    Ubuntu is free, right ?
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    Ubuntu store closed

    Ubuntu store is now officially closed. It used to allow fans and supporters to buy Ubuntu-branded merchandise. No more branded T-shirts, mugs or stickers until there is an alternative solution is made available.
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    After Adobe's decision to increase Lightroom and Photoshop plan rates, a lot of people are praising GIMP.