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    There is a news for all those who use the word Joomla in their domain name. You will have to apply a for a 2 year limited license according to the trademark requirements. You can find more details below


    We are informing every one to remember the requirements to be granted a limited license for two years. Which enables you to use the Joomla! name in their domain names, the logos, trademark and brandmark.

    Know more :

    You can know more about the procedure here

    This is why I call Discourse the most actively developed forum software. Beta 1, 2 now Beta 9 is out. And they promise that the stable version for Discourse 2.2 will be available by the end of this month.

    God ! Even paid software takes 2 + years to move between versions. And this one is free.

    There is an update from @Justin who is the theme developer for 1.9. According to him, the theme will take more than a month to complete. It is somewhere around 90 -95 % mark at the moment. Then he says it will take some time for testing. I think the whole business will take around 3 months to complete. But as Euan said, then there comes mixing theme and ACP, then further testing for MyBB 1.9.

    I use the lantern theme. But I have seen a few cPanel themes which are much better than it. Like you said, I too was afraid to give a try due to possible security threats.

    WordPress 5.0 had something that will close store for most of the page builders, the Gutenberg editor . In a way, you can call it a free, default, official page builder for WordPress. I hope a lot of you have moved to v 5.0 and has tested the new editor.

    The question is, which one do you find more appealing ? Is Gutenberg enough, or are we looking for more scope which some page builders offer ?

    Lead Developer @Euan says beta version of MyBB 1.9 will land by this March. According to him the base CSS framework of the new theme is almost complete. Now they are planning to add customization abilities through admin control panel. After that they will be testing it also will be working on the compatibility with v 1.8 code ( upgrade compatibility ? ).

    He also indicates about a few minor back-end coding.

    The main problem is that when people change settings they do not know. Unless you know about it, don't change anything using an SEO plugin.

    I don't think that is news. But that comes after an official statement from Microsoft on one of their support venues. What matters is that it is official that Microsoft Windows 10 mobile will no longer receive official support as of this December.

    I have seen a lot of people use SEO extensions on their blog, forum and CMS. While a lot of them actually help you fix some important aspects of SEO, some addons actually cause more harm than good.

    Do you use an SEO extension ? Is it good enough for you ?