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    They are normally called Podcasts. It is more like an online radio station or YouTube where you upload audio. As for a platform like , there are too many of them which will offer their basic plans for free.

    Aren't podcasts usually interviews and discussions between multiple people, not just one person talking to the camera (like in the case of a video blog)?

    Woltlab's lack of flexibility when it comes to purchasing their software is so frustrating! No hosted plans like IPS and vBulletin, no purchasing in monthly installments option, no discounts. I wanted to use Woltlab, but considering my finances, I guess I'll just renew my IPS license for $60 instead of buying the ridiculously expensive Woltlab suite. This is ridiculous. I'm sick and tired of IPS, but I couldn't find anyone to buy my license. || Does anyone know how I can convince Woltlab to allow me to purchase their suite in monthly payments?

    You should be able to. What error do you get ?


    turns into


    and no photo appears in the post.

    For a community built with the Woltlab software, is it possible to change the url of a user's profile in such a way as to display only the username, without the "/index.php?user/usernumber" before it?

    For example, in this community, is it possible to have a user's profile just: www (dot) adminweb (dot) org/mistah-j/

    instead of www (dot) adminweb (dot) org/core/index.php?user/21-mistah-j/


    This is very important for me if I will buy Woltlab for my website. Does anyone know if it is possible? :/

    What if the server is physically located outside the Europe ? Does a shopping mall in US have to comply with laws in Europe ? Same applies to server, I wonder.

    Only if they want to provide service to people residing in Europe. There are American news companies that geo-blocked all European traffic because they didn't have their sites GDPR-compliant and didn't want to risk being sued.

    Legally-speaking, yes, you have to be GDPR-compliant regardless of the physical location of the site's server, but if you're not, you can just block all the traffic coming from Europe and that's also acceptable.

    There are scripts that allow people to create sites that are almost identical to large social networks. This script allows people to make a site that is very similar in looks and functionality to Tumblr: I have also seen one that emulates Facebook (it's called Sngine:

    I was wondering if using such scripts was legal. Could Tumblr and Facebook sue people for having sites that resemble their design and functionality? ?(

    Hmm i see, but is it really applicable for other Countries? I am from India and is it wise to enable it.

    You are only obliged to delete the accounts of members that reside in Europe. The GDPR does not apply to members from another continent besides Europe.

    It doesn't matter where the forum owner is located. Even if you are from America, Africa or Asia, you still have to obey the GDPR. As you can see, many American sites (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr) have updated their Terms and Privacy policies and have implemented features to allow their European members to request account deletion. If America has to obey it, then India has to obey it too.

    As I said before, it is a perfectly legal and technically viable method and has good benefits.

    What are the good benefits? So far, you've only mentioned the bad ones.

    How many Wix, SquareSpace, SiteBuilder sites have you found on Google ?

    Well, according to Wix, there are millions of websites hosted by Wix, and representatives from Google confirmed that Google's algorithm does not differentiate between sites hosted by website building platforms and self-hosted sites. You can read more about it here.

    As a matter of fact, Wix is so confident that they are SEO-friendly that they use AdWords to promote their site builder in YouTube video ads. If you take a look at their YouTube channel, you will see that there are some celebrities who use Wix to host their website with masked domains. If you search their names online, their sites will come up on the first page of search results in Google and Bing. Examples: Karlie Kloss, Kasey Mahaffy, Justine Ezarik etc.

    What will you feel if you visited a company named Micro solutions ( in the board outside ) and then find out in their card that company's real name is Microtech ? Will there be an element of trust ?

    That is unrelated to this discussion. My question was about registering as a domain the same name as your Tumblr / Wix / Forumotion subdomain. Like, if you want to be a blogger or a forum owner, instead of going through the trouble of buying hosting and installing scripts, you create the site by using a Tumblr / Wix / Forumotion subdomain (myname (dot) tumblr (dot) com), then you register myname (dot) net, and just forward the domain to the blog. It's the same name, the same person.

    Is it possible for a member to buy their own domain and direct it to their profile on an online community, like it's possible with Tumblr?

    For example, if I wanted to buy the domain mistahj (dot) com, how could I direct it to , and have it masked so that in the address bar it remains www (dot) mistahj (dot) com?

    (This is a hypothetical question, of course, cause I am not going to do this here, but I want to know for the future; next year I want to buy the Woltlab script and build an online community in the future;)

    Software companies are usually familiar with the trend of offering discounts for various occasions, such as holidays (Easter, Christmas, Halloween etc.), Black Friday, the company's anniversary etc.

    Most antivirus software providers and script developers from CodeCanyon have yearly Black Friday and Christmas discounts, but WoltLab, XenForo and vBulletin - nah.

    IPS/InvisionCommunity does have discounts every now and then, but I'm not sure how often.

    Why don't forum software developers offer discounts? Don't they want to make more sales? :/