• Making an app has become easy these days. A lot of tools and libraries are available. You can even get tutorials ready made for popular app ideas like chat app, camera app, photo app etc. But how is all these hard work going to pay your bills. These days, there are so many apps that no one is going to care about your app, no matter how good it is.

    Marketing, monetizing etc need a lot of investment of time and money which you could otherwise spend in improvising your app. For one thing, marketing still remains your own domain. There is no ready made tool that does it for you. Maybe Adwords, but even that is not whole.


    Thankfully, Admob from Google can handle your monetizing needs single-handedly. Admob primarily offers Rewarded Video Ads and Native ads. Native ads are what you have seen on responsive websites. It is a successor of conventional ads on a smaller screen ( mostly ). Then comes Rewarded video ads. If you have played some games on Android, you will remember getting some extra power or life in return for watching a video. That is precisely what Rewarded Video Ads do. Ad provider will Google for you watching these ads. Google will share a percentage of this revenue with app developers helping them meet their bills.

    I am so happy to know what there are a no. of providers these days where the app developers can actually get something in return for their hard-work without selling their customers.