[Free] Official AMP for WordPress plugin

  • I hope many of you know about AMP aka Accelerated Mobile Pages. It is a lite weight version of HTML from Google to create websites that loads faster. It is said that the requests send by an AMP ed page is 77 % less than a normal page like this. That means, it is very faster than a normal page loading. Google officially weighs these two factors since some time in their mobile first indexing policy. Page loading speed and mobile friendliness. Looks like an AMP ed page can give you both of them. I might even dare say your traffic might improve by 25% if you adopt AMP before your competitor. That is not an official statement, but considering a lot of factors, it is very close to a success mantra.


    Google and WordPress are doing a lot of teaming up. We saw how they both collectively worked on NewsPack , a pre-hosted platform for local news publishers. WordPress is considering to be running on over 50 % of the websites on internet. When they come up with an official, free, AMP plugin for WordPress, that is going to affect internet as a whole. ie, a lot of your competitors might make use of this free plugin and come up ahead of you on Google search, even if you have a responsive website.

    One of the main highlights WordPress is hinting about the AMP for WordPress is that it supports native AMP experience as well as paired AMP experience. ie, you can have a native AMP website with this plugin. Your core website will be AMP ready. No need to create an AMP version of your website.

    This means a lot. When your already SEO ed, indexed URL s gets faster, you have a definite advantage on SEO.

    A word of caution though. Make sure you don't mess things up trying to go for the native experience. If you are confident of the SEO and traffic you are currently getting, maybe a AMP ed version of your website is a better idea.