Be Careful while faking reviews on Play Store

  • According to the latest reports, Google is very serious about fake, incentivised and negative reviews on app in Play Store. You cannot even give an in app discount or freebie to get a 5 star review. Because according to Google, that is a reward.


    If you're a developer, you can help us by doing the following:

    • Don't buy fake or incentivized ratings.
    • Don't run campaigns, in-app or otherwise, like "Give us 5 stars and we'll give you this in-app item!" That counts as incentivized ratings, and it's prohibited by policy.
    • Do read the Google Play Developer Policy to make sure you are not inadvertently making violations.

    What if we breach it ?

    Google has made it very clear that they will take action not only against the review but also against the app.

    Types of reviews Google hate


    If you're a user, you can follow these simple guidelines as well:

    • Don't accept or receive money or goods (even virtual ones) in exchange for reviews and ratings.
    • Don't use profanity to criticize an app or game; keep your feedback constructive.
    • Don't post gibberish, hateful, sexual, profane or off-topic reviews; they simply aren't allowed.
    • Do read the comment posting policy. It's pretty concise and talks about all the things you should consider when posting a review to the public.

    Google won't approve someone attacking an app through reviews and want to degrade its rating. Hateful reviews are going to be handled by the team. Users can aslo report inappropriate review through the review feedback system available.