Voice Search

  • Do you know that SEO is different for keyboard search and voice search ? It might be true that your website is doing well in keyboard search. But with a lot of people using mobile phones and Siri and Google Assistants, there is a new arena in SEO that has become important. If you are a person who have used voice search, you will know that people use a different tone, language and keywords. Do you think you are considering those long keywords when optimizing for Google ? If no, it is time you start thinking about it.

    The popularity of voice assistants has gone beyond phones. There is Google Home, Amazon Alexa and a variety of other devices which cater voice assistant features. Make sure that you are ready for the voice search and your website relevant in SERP

  • Voice search responses make use of featured snippets. That is when you need to develop your websites schema markup and adopt structured data.

    Text based search has 1-3 keywords on an average. But in voice search, it goes as high as 5-6 keywords.

  • Did you notice the AI based conversation bot which was introduced in this year's Google I/O event ? A lot of people think that will dramatically change how a search engine interact with content and publishers.

    If the AI bot wants to make an appointment, how are the publishers ( service providers ) going to arrange the content. Webmasters will have to overhaul the whole system on publishing. Maybe that will begin the end of WordPress.

  • In future, video based content is going to take the upper hand. Google already knows how to index content inside a video. They can auto generate subtitles, adjust resolution based on connection speed, block undesired content even without text tags etc.