Promoting a website

  • Ok, it is simple these days to buy hosting, domain and set up your website. Now you want people to find it, use it and come back again. What do you do to achieve this ? How do you make sure that people knows about your website ? Did you have success with your website's promotion ?

  • it is very simple actually. At least, the idea is. If someone want to use your website, they should find something interesting in it. Otherwise none will spend time on it.

    You need to provide something useful. May it be freebies, gifts, coupons, digital goods or even free support. There should be something that attracts users.

    The whole point is about helping your visitors with your content. Try that for sometime and Google will understand what you are doing.

  • I like to add content to website. More the content, more rich the experience.

    There should be diverse topics where you can contribute. Another method is social media. If you have a page with large no. of likes, it is easier to handle promotion.

  • Running a website is just like running a company. You need to focus on all departments that exists in a company. HR, Finance, Technical, Operations, Marketing etc.

    There are digital marketing teams which you can hire to do these for you. Have you seen movie promos ? How many views those trailers generate, that is done by digital marketing guys. You need to hire according to your target audience.

  • Different types of websites need different techniques. There is no single methods that will work across a range of website types.

    You need to take feedback of the process as well. See how it fares and needs to readjust the strategy with time.

  • Promoting a site is a must unless you don't want to have any visitors but you must know where to promote it. For example, let's say you have a gaming forum. Well you can't go on a camping forum and promote it there. What may have a big impact in promoting a forum nowadays are social media. Either by putting ads on Twitter and Facebook which have millions of users... Before you do promote your site, there is something you need to remember, your site/forum is not the only one on the internet so you need to "convince" other users to join. For example, answer these questions first;

    1.- Why should I join your site/forum?

    2.- What does you site/forum have that others don't?

    You can't just say "Oh I made this new site/forum, come check us out!". No! Convince me of joining. For example, I joined Admin Web because;

    1.- I love webmaster forums.

    2.- I love "new" forums that just started.

    3.- My favorite forum software is Woltlab Burning Boards.

    These are the reasons I joined and I'm planning to be an active member of Admin Web.

    This is my personal opinion on promoting a site/forum.

  • Mushmellow

    Thanks for sharing valuable points, i am guy who starts project without thinking of the outcome or what i am going to do. So till now i am failure but learned many lessons.

    My forum is a regional based forum and finding suitable forums to advertise mine might be slightly difficult. But i will definitely start doing it.